Valentine’s Day!

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Did you know that 1 in 5 people would rather spend Valentine’s day with their pet than with their partner?  If that’s the case in your world, here are some tips that can make February 14th go as smoothly as the finest chocolates available!

1.  If you are planning on giving a loved one a new puppy or kitten as a gift, remember they can’t be repackaged or regifted so be sure they are up for the challenge!

2. If your dog or cat should happen to get into chocolate or candy, you should take them to your Veterinarian as soon as possible. Ingesting these items can cause heart problems and/or cause neurological problems such as seizures or tremors.

3. Roses with their thorns can be extremely painful if your dog or cat happens to get a hold of one.  While lilies are beautiful they can be fatally poisonous to cats.

4. Champagne or other cocktails can spill.  If your smaller furry friends ingest any of the bubbly you can see lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea or neurological signs.

5. Tape, ribbons and bows are beautiful on the outside of packages, but if they are eaten by your pets they can become foreign bodies that need to be surgically removed.

Make sure you have the best Valentine’s day you can by following these 5 tips and call us with any additional questions!

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