Advanced Directives for Your Pet

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You can have a wonderful vacation and peace of mind that your pet is being cared for properly while you are away by getting advanced directives in place before you leave.  It only takes a small effort to gather some information and be proactive.  Pets do get old, sick, eat some crazy things, and get into mischief.  Although cell phones and the internet have increased our accessibility all over the world, an emergency may occur while you are unreachable.  Below is a good way to prepare your pet sitter and veterinarian with your wishes:

Information that may become beneficial to your pet sitter and/or veterinarian:

  • Your contact information: phone numbers, email, social media links
  • Veterinarian name, address and phone number
  • Emergency veterinarian name, address and phone number (if different)
  • Pet sitter name, address and phone number
  • Pet identification (such as name, breed, sex, age, and microchip)
  • Pet medications with directions
  • Signs to watch for chronic disease progression and when to seek help

Additional advanced directives for emergency care include:

  • Financial limits and payment method
  • Tests, treatments, or procedures you would not authorize
  • Euthanasia authorization based on prognosis and condition
  • If you pet dies or must be euthanized, body care requests

Open communication with your veterinarian and your pet sitter will help to establish a trusting relationship and understanding so that your wishes can be acted upon.  Provide a signed copy for your pet sitter and veterinarian.  Complete an Advanced Directive Pet Care Authorization Form or design your own and enjoy your time away with reassurance your pet is in good hands.  Your pet sitter and veterinarian will be grateful for the information and can then guide any treatment necessary per your wishes.  Enjoy your travel.

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