• Oct 16 2018

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    Yummy in my Tummy…Xylitol, the PARTY POOPER

    With Halloween and Holidays approaching candies and treats are going to be popping up more frequently and sometimes left out for more than little human hands to grab.  Pets are…

  • Oct 10 2018

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    The best things don’t always come in big packages

    The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention will conduct the 11th Annual National Pet Obesity Awareness Day on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. How do owners know if their pet is overweight? We…

  • Sep 28 2018

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    World Rabies Day 2018

    Today is World Rabies Day! This fatal disease is preventable by vaccination so be sure to keep your pets vaccinated against rabies. Even indoor cats that never go outside need…

  • Sep 21 2018

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    How Pets Help You Heal

      Most everyone knows that pets make you feel better when you’re around them. But did you know that a lot of doctors believe they can actually help you heal?…

  • Sep 07 2018

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    Atopic Dermatitis

    Having an itch you can’t scratch is the worst! Imagine your pet suffering in silence because they are unable to tell you where and why they are so itchy. Atopic…

  • Aug 31 2018

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    Heatstroke Misconception – ICE

    Heatstroke Misconception Heatstroke is deadly.  Owners can improve the outcome significantly when treatment is started even before you get to your veterinarian.  Start cooling your pet by spraying with tepid…

  • Apr 30 2018

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    Rabies Is On The Rise, 2018!

    Rabies is on the rise in Colorado for 2018!!!! As of April 5th, 2018, CDPHE reports 114 skunks and one alpaca from Colorado have tested positive for rabies. For statewide…

  • Feb 06 2018

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    Fit or Fat: Pet Obesity facts

    What is obesity in pets? Obesity is a nutritional disease which is defined by an excess of body fat. Pets that eat too much, lack the ability to exercise, or that…

  • Jan 03 2018

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    Im not really into ….. sharing.

    Resource Guarding in Dogs. What is resource guarding in dogs? Resource guarding can be normal behavior dogs display, stemming from the mentality of keeping valuable items from others. Items of…

  • Oct 21 2017

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    Litter Box Issues? What can I do???

    Are you frustrated with your cat who is peeing everywhere BUT the litter box???? Many cats that are surrendered to shelters are there because owners with good intentions have battled…