Routine dental cleanings are an excellent means of ensuring good oral health in your pet. Good dental health care means screening your pet for things like dental disease, abscessed teeth, and other abnormalities. Signs of dental disease can include foul breath, discoloration of your pet’s teeth, rubbing the outside of their muzzle, and more.

Keeping your pet’s mouth clean and healthy means a better quality of life for your pet. A routine cleaning will reduce the amount of bacteria in your pet’s mouth that can be shed to other organs of the body, including the heart. This reduction of bacteria will ultimately help your pet live a happier, healthier life!

We provide digital radiographs of your pets’s teeth. We use this advanced diagnostic tool to find cavities and other dental health concerns below your pet’s gum line that cannot normally be seen. We offer a detailed treatment plan of what procedures your pet needs.

Customized counseling on how to better your pet’s oral health at home will be provided, allowing you to play an active role in preventing potentially harmful diseases and problems that are commonly seen in our small animal patients.