Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is a means of cutting tissue that affords a skilled user a faster way of making very precise cuts in the tissue. It can minimize bleeding and reduce pain and swelling when your pet is undergoing a procedure. It also promotes rapid healing when used appropriately. Pets that undergo laser surgery tend to recover more quickly and can at times require less post-operative pain medications.

Surgical Procedures

In addition to performing routine surgeries such as spays and neuters, the staff at Mulnix Animal Clinic can also perform many advanced surgeries that are normally performed at the university level hospitals. These procedures include many orthopedic surgeries, including cranial cruciate ligament repair and repair of luxating patellas (knee surgery). The veterinarians at Mulnix Animal Clinic can also perform eye procedures, including repair of prolapsed third eyelid glands, conjuctival flaps and mass removals that may arise from the eye tissues.