Mulnix Animal Clinic Pet Memorial

Losing a beloved pet is a difficult and often unbearable burden for many of us to face. We always keep our furry loved ones in our hearts. To honor the life we share with our furry companions we have dedicated this area to the wonderful dogs, cats, and furry little creatures that are no longer with us.

We would love to share the memory of your pet. If you would like to have us share the wonderful moments you carry in your heart please e-mail us a picture, a story, and/or a summary of their beautiful life.

Honoring your pet that has passed can be healing when grieving a lost furry family member.

Having gratitude for your pet is a wonderful emotion to feel for the life they led. Some owners have created a ‘bucket list’ for their pets. This list of can be created before or after they pass. It can contain experiences and/or wants your family have or would like to have had with your pet.

Memorializing your pet through Craft projects can be a way to keep their memory close to you at all times after they have passed. Examples of these crafts can be as simple as forming a piece of jewelry out of dog tags, a nose print, or personalizing an urn for your furry family member’s ashes.

Mulnix Animal Clinic ‘pays if forward’. We honor your pet by making a donation on behalf of your furry loved one to a local animal shelter which contributes to helping pets in need.

Please feel free to talk to us about ways in which you can honor your pet. Our team would love to share memories of your furry loved ones and how they have left forever pawprints on your heart.

If you are struggling with your grief, please do not struggle alone. Below are great resources for those that are in need of additional support.

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

Argus Institute – Colorado State University

Or contact American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal’s Pet Loss Support Hotline: 1-877-474-3310