Too Big, Too Small, or Just Right

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Nutrition is something a majority of people think about every day. But here’s the thing, not a lot of people consider nutrition for their pets. Proper diet is just as important for your pet as it is for you, it just isn’t something a lot of people ponder as diligently as their own health.

Now you may be thinking, a fat pet is a happy pet, right? Not necessarily. Obesity can cause a slew of problems in pets, just like in people! Joint pain, trouble moving easily, and strain on organs are just a few. Think about this: a 20-pound dog that is 5 pounds overweight is equivalent to a 200-pound man that is 50 pounds overweight!

While obesity is a common problem in pets, we also see animals that are underweight. Being underweight can cause issues as well, such as malnourishment, liver problems, and muscle loss.

Proper nutrition is something we at Mulnix Animal Clinic strive to help you understand. So much so that we have an animal nutrition specialist on staff! Her name is Joan, and she is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to pet nutrition. She will have a meeting with and your pet to calculate the number of calories your pet needs based on ideal weight, age, type of foods, and lifestyle. One thing she has pointed out to people is that while they are feeding the proper amount of kibble or wet food, treats can play a huge role in your dog or cats’ overall weight.

One of our veterinarians, Michelle Thomas, had been struggling with her cat Twix’s obesity for years. She finally decided to have Joan take a look at Twix and his full nutrition history to figure out why he wasn’t losing any weight. With Joan’s help, Twix is almost unrecognizable! Dr. Thomas wants to let everyone know about her experience:

“I have tried multiple diets with no success for 4-5 years now before Joan came to help. He is at least 2.5 pounds lighter, more active, bright, playful, and loving since his weight loss with Joan’s guidance! I even had trouble getting the after picture because he was moving around so much, whereas the before picture was easy! He would lay like that for almost 24 hours without moving, he was a slug! Joan helped give Twix the energy and playfulness back that he should have at his age!”

If you think your pet needs a nutrition consultation, whether it’s about losing weight or even gaining weight, give us a call and we will be happy to help you and your pet!

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