What is Reiki?

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Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEY) is a meditative energy that comes from the Japanese words “rei” meaning spirits and “ki” meaning energy. Reiki can be explained as creating compassionate intention that may lead to positive healing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. Reiki is used as a healing energy by attuned individuals. I myself have been attuned and using reiki every day since 2014. Reiki can be used to benefit adults, children, and animals.

Reiki should not be used as an alternative to veterinary medicine, but as an addition to it. Although reiki is short on scientific evidence and the research surrounding reiki is continuously growing, reiki is not a cure all. However many instances that I have been involved in have shown that animals tend to gravitate towards this amazing use of energy.

Being a part of the veterinary field as a certified veterinary technician, I use this non-invasive form of healing energy to benefit not only our patients but our clients as well.  Animals tend to resonate with a higher energy field then humans, making them perfect candidates for reiki as they are drawn to it more easily.  Some benefits include, but are not limited to; solving anxiety-related issues,  working alongside of veterinary medicine, speeding up healing processes of the body, relieving pain, or addressing individual problems that a patient may be facing.

I have used reiki on nervous patients that find comfort in the energy being released during physical exams. Animals are almost drawn to my hands most days as I emit a relaxing energy even when being in such an odd place such as the veterinary hospital.  Other ways I have used reiki are for sick or ill patients that do not necessarily need healing, but are looking for complete relaxation, surrender, and comfort as they pass onto the other side.  Owners that are facing hard decisions, such as euthanasia benefit from reiki as well.  Owners are the advocates of their animals and this can feel wrong much like they are giving up on their animals. However, by creating a comfortable and calming area for owners and their pets, they can feel at ease as their loved ones cross the rainbow bridge with the help of reiki.

There are no negative aspects to using reiki energy. If an individual does not accept the energy (which can be determined by body language in animals), then we simply allow the energy to go past them and use them for the higher good of their surroundings.

Reiki can be learned and accepted by any individual. Reiki has changed my life and the individuals that surround me. I encourage any one that has the chance to accept this powerful energy into their life that they do.


Kendall Batson, CVT

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